Friday, June 8, 2012

Wisconsin Recall Night

Below are photos I took at the state capitol in Madison during Wisconsin's historic June 5th Recall Election. (Click on any photo to view as a slideshow.)

A journalist reports on early election results as a crowd forms at the capitol square in downtown Madison.

The mood was somber as initial results suggested Governor Scott Walker had defeated his challenger Tom barrett. Yet, as more results were released from urban areas, the race got closer and the spirits of the crowd became fierce hopeful  

Eventually however, it became clear that Walker had indeed won the election and kept his job. The crowd  then became increasingly angry and confrontational. Pro-Walker supports appeared at the gathering to taunt the crowd. Police had to step into to prevent physical quarrels.

A series of impassioned speakers took to the capitol steps to motivate the anti-Walker crowd for the next phase of the battle over worker rights.

Some protestors went as far as calling for a general strike and even revolution against a failed political system supported by corporate money, much of which has come from outside the state.

By the end of the night a massive protest failed to materialize and the gathering devolved into further squabbles with the Walker supporters. With hugely divergent perspectives moves arguments ended with an agreement to disagree. The state remains hugely polarized.