Friday, March 16, 2012

My Photos Featured on Africa is a Country

Yesterday I was honored to have the opportunity to help the excellent media blog Africa is a Country inaugurate a new photographic feature on their website. The new weekly feature allows selected photographers with content from African countries to choose and describe their five favorite images that they've taken. It was important to me to choose images with depth that represent more than bare aesthetics and so I agonized over the perfect five. Here is how I described the theme of my images:

In my photographic work I seek to document social transformation. My images depict the intersection of various influences on people and their environments; the traditional; the contemporary; the local; and the foreign. I document how the creative amalgamation of those influences produces new social contexts that are each unique. As active participants in what could be called social remixing, the subjects of my images challenge assumptions of static, shallow, generalized culture.

In the end my five photos were these:

Go to to read background information on each image. And of course visit to see even more of my photographs from West and Southern Africa.


T Warrington said...

Congrats bro!

ma said...

is that a braai on the rooftop of the drill hall ?! perhaps my all-time favorite space. thanks for sharing