Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Best Photobooks of 2011: A Comprehensive List

Thanks to the site eyecurious we have the most comprehensive list of the year's best photobooks. This list of lists was compiled by scouring the web for every single Best Photobook list available (more than 50) and then listing the books that featured on the highest number of lists. According to Eye Curious, 2011's "Best Book" is...Redheaded Peckerwood by Chriastian Patterson, which was featured on a very impressive 19 lists.

Of course as an art, what is "best" in photography is entirely subjective. Yet the fact that more than 50 lists were written this year is emblematic of that fact that there is great interest in photographic publishing. As advancing digital technology coaxes more and more of our lives online it is comforting to know that the photography book is still a viable medium. The internet is on the one hand a major competitor to physical publishing and on the other a major tool for communication and design that makes the ability to share and appreciate art much much easier.

Oh and if you didn't get your fix from the first list, another photobook list that has traditionally been very well informed is that of Photoeye Magazine, who this year asked many photo critics and photographers to share their favorites of the year.

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