Sunday, February 13, 2011

Revolution Egypt & Tunisia : Designers React

Borrowing a phrase from the excellent blog A Bombastic Element: The Revolution Will Be Embedded...

Revolution Egypt & Tunisia : Designers React: "

North Africa is experiencing what is now called the biggest revolution in modern times as millions of protesters join in the fight against oppression, dictatorship and political domination. With that said, designers and artists are joining in protest and here is a small collection of some digital/graphic art. Please feel free to suggest some more we would love to see what you’ve found.

The Searcher

Marlena Buczek Smith





Freestylee – Michael Thompson

Power to the PeopleOmar Nejai


Z.B.A. the zombie


The King is Dead – Sharif Elshinnawi


Egypt Solidarity - Isaiah King


Cairo 2011 – Malachi Cameron

Dictator – Marwan Shahin

Proud to be Egyptian – Moataz Elsayed


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