Sunday, February 6, 2011

All the Kings Violins

Last night, I ventured out with a few friends to the Maseru Convention Centre, whose glass-paneled walls had previously only reflected my image from the outside. We had been invited to a classical music performance and were told to dress nicely. I threw on my best, which is a button down shirt with a tie and sweater on top. The color combination, dominated by brown and maroon was reasonably well orchestrated. A bright red pair of complementary socks from South African Airways really tied the ensemble together and ensured a solid level of funkiness was maintained. Of course when, we the Peace Corps Volunteers, show up, we find literally everyone is wearing a black tuxedo or elegant flowing dress. I'm still saving up for a tux on my meager Peace Corps living allowance, I only have roughly 37 years of Peace Corps before I'll be able to afford it though.

After sipping a miniature glass of the sherry that was being offered in the lobby like I knew what I was doing, it was finally time to take my seat. Not long after most of the audience was seated we all had to rise once again as His Majesty King Letsie was escorted by an entourage to his throne-like chair at the front of the concert hall.

The music turned out to be quite the treat as there were performances by the Free State Symphony Orchestra, the National University of Lesotho Choir and Lesotho Defense Force Band. Each group did their own set and then they were all conducted together at the same time by both the Free State Orchestra conductor who had a classic, cartoonish looking jacket that is much longer in the back than it is in the front and the young energetic conductor of the NUL choir. It's not so bad being fancy every once in while even if I'm not very good at it. Not ready to dedicate my whole life to fanciness quite yet though.

I managed to take a few photographs from my seat, but I wasn't really in photojournalist mode as I just wanted to enjoy the show.

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