Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cairo on the Ground: Now

Long time no see. After a few weeks of rest I've somehow mustered the energy begin posting again. Already 2011 has been an action-packed year with public protests that have led to the overthrow of the President in Tunisia and ongoing protests in Egypt occurring on a massive scale.

I hope to share some interesting, worthwhile, enlightening content in the coming days and weeks, but first I want to start with a quick audio report from Egypt. A friend of mine that lived down the street from me growing up named Evan Hill is on the streets of Cairo reporting with Al-Jezeera. Evan studied journalism and Arabic and did a semester abroad in Cairo at American University so he is well placed to cover the exciting events with a nuanced perspective in Egypt. Below is a link to his most recent audio report hosted online on a site called AudioBoo under the profile name AJEnglish.


UPDATE: As this post was being written Evan has posted another audio report detailing the condition on the Cairo streets. The new newest post is below:


I'm not sure quite how recent the audio was recorded, it may be from a couple days ago, regardless the reports certainly capture the atmosphere of the captivating events. Evan speaks of check points, rallies and various types of interactions between protesters and military. Take a quick listen and transport yourself to the scene. Could be history in the making.

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