Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sharp, Sharp! African Video Sunday #7

After this I can say I've covered mainstream South African house pretty well here. First we have the duo Liquideep with the video for "Fairytale" featuring the South African entertainment star Nonhle Thema. I have fond memories watching Nonhle years ago when she was a star VJ on the O channel and I was a simple student at the University of Dar es Salaam. So the video reminds me of the days when she wasn't so self absorbed. It's a modern day, South African Cinderella story.

Second, I wish to share the humorously strange Zakes Bantwini's new hit song "Bum Bum". Zakes has been part of the house music scene for awhile and is known for being an innovator. He continues the trend in this video with a little cross-dressing. Show me your bum bum. I wanna see that bum bum.

I'll be in the village for the next week so no posts 'til next weekend. Should be a nice opportunity to get some photos. Khotso.

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