Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walking Photo Tour of The Gambia

Here is an excellent collection of photography from The Gambia that I came across a few months ago. It is a walking tour that covers the length of the Gambia in which the photographer interviews and photographs traditional leaders known as Alikalos. This series is particularly special for me because I've been to many of the places that appear in the images. And I actually know the lady with the blue head scarf quite well as I interview her for a gender and development documentary as one of my project. The woman, whose name is Fatou, is one of the few female Alikalos in the country, yet she is still well respected. I t was an insiring experience to speak with her and see her in action. I also appreciate that the photographer's team followed cultural protocol by bringing kola nuts as a gift to each of the villages they visited. This is a gesture that is very well appreciated. By me as well.

Thanks to Kate Bomz for posting on this series so I could conveniently reblog it.

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