Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sharp, Sharp! Video Sunday

Keeping it regional, I am presenting another batch of South African musicians starting with DJ Cleo. I've been experiencing the night scene in Maseru and the DJs down here actually know how to kick out some funky deep house beats worth dancing to. And the local dancing is in fact rather spectacular. That's the inspiration for this tribute to "Kwaito" or South African house.

As a bonus we have fellow South African group Freshly Ground sticking it to Robert Mugabe in their new video. As a result of this song and video, they have been officially banned from playing from playing in Zimbabwe. Freshly Ground and a few other bands played in Maseru last night and I had tickets and everything but it was raining so much during the day that I left the venue early and didn't get to see them play. Apparently the rains did finally abate so they took the stage and rocked Lesotho. OF course by then I was long gone. Instead of seeing the concert I did however check out a local bar with some friends. When we arrived the lights were out, but there was still a huge crowd inside hanging out and waiting for the lights to come back on. My friends and I went up and got our respective drinks by using cell phone screens to see the money, then sat down on some beer crates and watched as a group of spirited young guys sang Sesotho songs in anticipation of the electriciy's return. A solid night after-all.

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