Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sharp, Sharp! Video Sunday

I want to introduce a regular feature (well see how long I can manage it) on this site that highlights the high quality, high entertainment realm of music videos from African countries. With domestic entertainment markets booming in many countries and video technology becoming more accessible, the number of well produced videos coming from Africa is sky high. It's become a favorite pastime of mine to discover music from all over the continent and now I want to share the cream of the crop. Some videos will be from classic stars that are making a name for themselves internationally and others I hope you will have never heard before. Regardless, you know with me as the curator we're gonna be keeping it sharp, sharp!

To inaugurate the video feature we'll take a look at a South African woman with an incredibly soulful voice and dedication to producing music in her native Xhosa language. Here is Simphiwe Dana. Love the voice and the Afritopia. Enjoy.

And as a diasporic bonus and keeping with the futuristic theme I'll bring you a funky young cat from the US, Janelle Monae. This girl's legs move in such ridiculously incredible ways and I'm really digging the hair. Freedom.

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