Sunday, September 26, 2010

Online African Renaissanace

The Online African Renaissance

Now that I've finally emerged from my Gambian hut and settled in my Lesotho compound I have had slightly better access to the internet and can finally take in much more of all the seemingly endless amounts of interesting content, especially that which is Africa/Photography related. I've been introduced too many worthwhile sites, I can barely absorb it all. My google reader is getting overloaded . The number of feeds I follow has risen around 60% in just the last week or two. My eyes are opening to what I would consider to be the Online African Renaissance. The worldwide interest in and capacity for sharing Africa-related continent by Africans and non-Africans alike has skyrocketed. Refreshingly, much of the sentiment of this creative force is that of positivity and pride. I see this tsunami of material as representing what African societies and African people (wherever they can be found) are about in a more comprehensive way. It's a testament to struggles and to triumphs.

The spread of technology and the rise of the African consumer has caused more people to plug in and take part in this explosion of creativity. Everything from from art to fashion to technology to literature is now covered and more! I want to share some of my favorite discoveries in various realms. I'm going to break them up into separate posts to allow each of them to receive enough attention. I want to cover: film, music, literature, fashion and tech.

This is simply an introduction. I feel like I'm just barely touching the tip of the iceberg of what's out there. As the young, creative generation from Africa and beyond gets wired, as online resources get increasingly connected and as old archives of classic African cultures get digitzed, the boom of multimedia from all over the continent and the diaspora will only make Online African Renaissance stronger.
Chimurenga Magazine states, “HE NO KNOW GO KNOW.” You've been warned.

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