Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The new direction of foreign aid

Here is economist Owen Barder's take on improving Aid Effectiveness. The Talk/Slideshow is about practically making foreign aid more effective by asking donors to focus on their comparative advantages. The "Paris" that Barder repeated refers to is the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness made in 2005 by donor countries that refers to improving the impact of aid. Little progress has been made by donors to depoliticize aid and to cut ineffective programs. Thus, Barder's talk, presented to officials in Ethiopia, is a timely contribution. If you are interested in how foreign aid and charity money could be better spent, this 20 min talk is worth a listen.

This is his talk:
Aid Effectiveness-Owen Barder

Owen Barder, a citizen of the UK, is the man behind, the podcast Development Drums and I'm sure he does other things, the guy is rather prolific. Owen blogs at Owen Abroad and lives in Ethiopia.

Okay, that's all until I get established in Lesotho. I'm sure to be enlightened. See you then.

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