Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Welcome to Nigerian Pop

Besides Nollywood, Nigeria has developed a burgeoning pop music industry. I would say the quality of the music is on par with anywhere else in the world. Many of the music videos too have the look and feel of something that could be on MTV. Good production quality and directing are making Nigerian pop music a hot export. It helps to have a huge domestic market (150 million people) driving demand and a diaspora of enterprising Nigerians probably in every country in the world. Here a few of my favorites:

First "Do Me" by P Square
This was a major hit in the Gambia and had kids of all ages singing "Do Me".

2Face "African Queen"
This showcases the beauty and sophistication of African women. Love that shaved head.

Timaya "If 2 say"
Heard this one at the shop where I used to buy my Nollywood posters. The guy looks kind of hardcore, but he actually seems quite playful.

Bracket "Yori Yori"
Another hit with the Gambian ladies.

P Square "Danger"
Gotta love the wide angle.

Ikechukwu "Wind am well"
Nice effects and some solid shakin'.

Fela "Army Arrangement"
Still, nobody puts on a show on like Fela.

Catchy stuff, too bad MTV doesn't play music videos anymore otherwise I think these guys could catch on. These guys are making Yoruba and Igbo relevant world languages. Pay attention.

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