Monday, March 8, 2010

Blogs are so in right now.

The Internet seems to have evolved significantly since I first forfeited my access to computer technology 2 years ago. There has been an explosion of content on the net, so much quality analysis and entertainment that it's quite difficult to keep up with it all. Yet somehow, thanks to my mobile phone and sporadic Internet access, I was able discover a number of impressive blogs and with the aid of Google Reader, a blog aggregator, I was able to follow the most important ones. They've been my feeding tube sustaining me on global affairs as I have other-worldly experiences in a West African village. I am so detached from American culture right now, What the hell is Avatar? Anyway here are the blogs that have caught my eye over the past year or so:

The Best

-Chris Blattman(A professor at Yale, solid development analysis with a touch of humor)
-Aid Watch(The blog led me to discover all the others. Professor William Easterly and friends explain why nearly nothing can satisfy them in development. Entertaining, prolific critical. Still one of the best.)
-Texas in Africa (Another professor and expert on Central Africa who knows quite well how to find faults with the media's coverage of Africa.)
-wronging rights (Interesting commentary on African events from an insiders perspective.)
-Owen Abroad (An economist working in Ethiopia commenting on how to make foreign aid more effective.)
-From Poverty to Power (One of Oxfam's chief economists.)
-FP Passport (The great bimonthly IR magazine's take on world events.)
-Daniel Drezner (An IR professor finds hints of IR everywhere.)
-Economic Geographies (An intelligent young woman analyzes finance in developing countries.)
-CGAP Technology (Analyzes how technology can be used as a tool to reduce poverty.)

Other worthwhile Blogs/Feeds

-Building Africa Today (AfDB)
-African Arguments
-Council on Foreign Relations-Africa
-Africa's Moment
-Aid Thoughts
-Africa Can...End Poverty
-David Roodman's Microfinance Open Book
-PSD-The World Bank
-Build it Kenny and they will come
-Hand Relief International

See any themes in the content?

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