Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back From the Bush

I've emerged from the gloriously idyllic bush once again to post a few thoughts on development and share a few links that caught my eye. It's nice to feel the warmth of a keyboard on my fingertips again since I haven't browsed the Internet on computer in over 2 months.

I never cease to be impressed by the fact that I can (occasionally) check my email on my phone, though the network signal is so weak I have to hang the phone in a strategic place to get solid service. And of course the innovative engineers at Nokia decided to design a phone in which the rope for hanging it connects to the bottom of the phone (below the pound button). Apply the laws of gravity and then imagine me hanging my mobile from the grass roof of my hut and you may have realized that, yes, my mobile hangs upside down. But hey, I have to make due with what I've got. Internet in the village is a wonderful concept. Access to information is penetrating deep into areas that were nearly disconnected with the outside world. It's not quite free and it's benefits are not yet widely known or utilized locally, but these informational data services are going to be revolutionary.

Still there's nothing like a real computer.

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