Thursday, January 3, 2008

We've all been browsing the internet, checking out whatever kinky websites we enjoy and suddenly happened upon a beautiful image. This scenario happens all the time for me, whether I'm reading an article about the current riots in Kenya in the World section of the New York Times or viewing photographs that have been uploaded to photo-community websites like JPG magazine or flickr. In the past we have had to make mental notes of the visual stimulations that have proved to be so extraordinary or we've bookmarked the website hoping that the image would still be there the next time. Having a keen eye for photography I am constantly pursing images on the internet that blow me away, though there has never been a satisfying way to catalogue them.

For those fans of sites like, which allows people to bookmark and organize websites so that they can access them any time on any computer, a new site has popped up on the radar that does the same for online images and photographs alike. The new phenom is called and it lets you save photos from other websites online in a single place. They can be easily organized with "tags" that describe their content and you can travel to the site of their origin with the click of a button. No more lists of endless bookmarks to be saved on our individual computers. We've all been saved, it's all online.

Come visit me, my name is nyani.
Photos by La Caitlin, Frank Elias and Hailey A (each is a favorite of mine on

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