Sunday, December 16, 2007

Photojournalism at Its Finest

I was browsing the New York Times Africa section in accordance with my daily mania and I came upon some remarkable images of the Democratic Republic of the Congo shot by a photographer named Lynsey Addario. The images found in the Africa section are often quite good when the Times actually find the time publish a worthwhile article, but I found Lynsey's photos particularly stunning.

As a photographer based in Istanbul, Ms. Addario captures documents political and social issues, especially those dealing with women, as they unfold in India, the Middle East and Africa. For the pair of articles that caught my eye, Ms. Addario teamed up with Lydia Polgreen, one of my favorite journalists who covers West and Central Africa. I often get the impression from Lydia's articles and video reports on the New York Times website that she is an incredibly hard working individual and the photos shot by Ms. Addario for the articles exude a similar combination of skill and work ethic. The result is an interesting, intriguing, informative piece of journalism.

Everyone should visit Lynsey Addario's website that includes photos from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Uganda and even Darfur in addition to the places already mentioned. Interestingly, Lynsey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my hometown) with a degree in international relations (same as me).

Whenever I view photographs that really set the scene for places and/or issues I envision those photographs as giant lightboxs or as the wallpaper for a whole room in my house, doors to another domain. Someday, I think, I'll visit those people.

Photos by Lynsey Addario

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