Monday, October 8, 2007

Free Kristof, Kristof for Free

Its about time. The New York Times online finally ended their silly Timeselect subscription feature that locked certain articles, columist blogs and limited how far back readers could access articles in their database. Now the casual news browser can read an opinion column and then check out the blog of the author and see what other items of interest have been posted online by them.

Nick Kristof has been my favorite New York Times writer for a while now and it has been a treat to read what thoughts he has to share online that never are seen in print. On his blog called "On the Ground," Nick often includes video features on his blog from his travels to Africa (including Darfur), China and the Middle East. He highlights stories of struggle and stories of success. Right now however, his blog is better than ever and Nick hasn't posted in weeks.

Nick is currently writing a book about the rise of China and has thus taken some time off from his gig at the Times. To fill the void however, Nick asked a few friends to post articles in his absence, resulting an interesting mix of opinions and subject matter from African development to engaging lower income students in schools. The website has actually gotten better not worse without Nick (no offense). Here is a list of the writers and an impressive one at that:

Kurt Campbell is an expert on Asia and security issues who is now chief executive of the Center for a New American Security.

Will Okun is a Chicago school teacher who traveled with Nick Kristof in June to central Africa, on his win-a-trip contest.

Josh Ruxin is a Columbia University expert on public health who has spent the last couple of years living in Rwanda. He’s an unusual mix of academic expert and mud-between-the-toes aid worker.

Steve Radelet is a development expert who has lived for many years in Africa and Asia, taught at Harvard, and worked at the U.S. Treasury. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington and economic advisor for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.

Anne-Marie Slaughter is an international lawyer and the dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University. Anne-Marie is the author of “The Idea that is America,” and she is spending this academic year in Shanghai.

Joseph Stiglitz is a Nobel-winning economist who has written incisively about the costs of our involvement in Iraq.

Naka Nathaniel is a multimedia journalist and he frequently travels with Nick Kristof.

Not bad. It is also great to see the comments from other readers that show up in response to each post. Hope any curious New York Times reader will find something worthwhile at Nick's site. If not, there's always Fox News.

Photos by Will Okun and Ian Christmann

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