Friday, September 14, 2007


There's a new photo agency in town called Noor Images that was recently created by a small group of Nine photographers. All of the photographer are well travelled and have impressive client lists while maintaining diverse and unique image-capturing styles.

I was alerted to them because one of the photgraphers, Kadir van Lohuizen, has worked with Niicholas Kristof, one of my favorite New York Times journalists. And actually I had been familiar with his work even earlier, but without knowing it, when I clipped an impressive black and white photo (featured above) of people in Chad from TIME magazine to use with paper I was making. The image was one of TIME's images of the year. The agency site is worth checking out not only because of the splendid collection of images, but because the site is very well designed. The way the images are portrayed is BIG. They try to fill up as much of the browser wind as can with an image, a simple concept, but one I have never seen executed quite so effectively.

The documentary subject matter varies from refugees and conflict in North Africa (including Darfur) as well as sexual assault victims in South Africa, illegal immigrant in the United States, militias in Iraq, political and social unrest in south east Asia...something for everyone.

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