Monday, July 30, 2007

Cartoons that aren't so funny

Zimbabwe continues its descent into complete chaos under the rule of President Robert Mugabe. The 83 year old dictator is intent on distroying his country any way he can and seeing how many years in a row he can achieve a shrinking economy shown by negative gross domestic product growth. The economy is in shambles as brutally enforced price controls have caused the prices of staple products to drop while at the same time forcing the people selling them to losing incredible amounts of money and encounter huge shortages. Refusal to comply with the price controls brought strict punishment from the thugs that take orders from Mugabe resulting in the beating and arrest of many suppliers. Now Mugabe's corrupt party the ZANU-PF is trying to get their faithful leader elected as president for life as opposed to elections to be held next year. Brainwashed and corrupt cronies of the ZANU-PF have declared, "There are no vacancies in the presidency." The news gets scarier and scarier as flames seemingly continue to engulf Zimbabwe.

The lucky ones either have fled to nearby South Africa or are privledged enough to hold only foreign currency instead of the cursed Zimbabwe dollar that loses value by the minute. It is pointless to note that percent of annual inflation anymore as the numbers given by the government cannot be trusted and other estimates vary widely, some suggesting figures over 10,000%. All this as Mugabe announces plans to print more money to fund stalled municipal projects. To go along with such events I'd like to showcase some cartoons by the artist Gado who works for the respectable weekly newspaper The EastAfrican.

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