Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can you hear it? A Rising Voice

The Miami Herald recently produced a nice feature called A Rising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans in mid June. The feature consists of a series of slideshows depicting life and culture for African descendants in the Latin America countries of Cuba, Brazil, the Dominican, Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras. A central theme is the continued exitence of racism and separatism that some of the societies claim to have overcome.

The photos in the slide shows do a great job of shining light on black culture in the different countries showing how they interact with each other and with those of light skin. Strewn throughout the photos are quotes that gives a voice to those shown in the photos. Michael Espy Campbell, a Nicaraguan activist says, "The key to our future is to strengthen our identity, to say we are black and we are proud."

Overall this is really an interesting section of the newspaper to navigate. The photos scream color. Of skin, of clothes, of culture, of music, of lifestyle. Its always appreciated when a paper takes the time to put togehter a more in depth section about an issue that is relevant to the community that it is distributed in. With such a vibrant Latin-American community in Miami itself, this is exactly the kind of feature people would be interested in. It also never hurts to spend a little extra time on an article when in the pursuit of a Pulitzer Prize.

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