Thursday, June 7, 2007

The World of Photoblogs

The idea of a photoblog is that, similar to a normal blog, you make regular postings of content online. The only difference is that many of the photoblogs have little or no text. The post is often simply a single photograph. Any comments on the photos come directly from the viewers themselves. Photoblogs seem like a superb way to motivate yourself as a photographer to go out there and keep shooting. This causes the photographer to carry his or her camera with them at all time and hone their photographic eye.

A similar message was conveyed to me by David Burnett '68, the commencement speaker at my graduation from Colorado College this year. Mr Burnett told a few campus photographers the day before our commencement ceremony, including myself, that if you can find interesting and beautiful moments in your own life to photograph, a life that has probably become the norm, or visually mundane to you, then you can certainly capture those moments in the lives of others. These are the themes that I interpret as behind the idea of a photoblog.

Let me share with you now some examples of people that have become dedicated, and quite artfully at that, to capturing moments in their lives and the world around them and posting them online for all to see. As is common with many photoblogs clicking on the first photo will bring forth the next. By the way, the main collection of photoblogs on the web is appropriately called, so search through there and find some that really jump out at you and let me know which ones.
First we have the photoblog GOSU from South Africa:

And then Moodaholic From Denmark:

And one more called Images Blog

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