Friday, June 22, 2007

World In Focus

If, like me, you have an insatiable thirst for incredible photographs and in my case, photographs that beautifully depict the African continent, then I would recommend you browse through the winners of 2007 World in Focus photo contest.

The contest was sponsored by Photo District News (PDN), Nikon USA, and National Geographic Traveler Magazine. Billing itself as the "ultimate travel photography contest," the World in Focus has a wonderful collection of images in categories like "The Human Condition" and "Extreme Exploration." Especially with the Human Condition, the photographs are elegant glimpses into the lives of people all over the world. Adding to the incredible depth of the collection is the variety of styles represented. There are both black and white photos as well as color, photos from long ago, photos with breath-taking detail and even a photo taken with a simple plastic camera. Despite the diversity all of the selections appear to belong.

This contest is one that, since I've discovered it, I will plan on submitting to and hopefully I can join the ranks of another great collection. A collection in which the stunning qualities of each photo are multipled when grouped together. The next deadline for the contest is August 21, 2007 so I better get on it. For more details about submitting and to see all of the nice prizes like photo workshops and vacations check out the World In Focus-call for entries. Wish me luck and good luck to you as well.

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