Monday, June 18, 2007

"On Wisconsin"

On Wisconsin is a photo series shot by Mark Brautigam and featured on the website Flak Photo (an online photo magazine).Marks Wisconsin project, an ongoing endeavor, has taken him across the state in pursuit of finding scenes that are purely reflect what it is to live or visit Wisconsin. Being a native of Wisconsn myself I was intrigued by the project and definately though it would be worth a quick browse at the least. Indeed, many of Mark's color, large format images express a unique character that can be defined only in Wisconsin. Plenty of the shots contain the subject matter of locales that I have certainly visited and others whose depictions omit an aura of familiarity.

Here's what Flak Photo had to say, "Admittedly wide-eyed in scope, Brautigam's large format photographs highlight the idiosyncratic character of those environments that have frequently been disregarded. Though captured exclusively in the state of Wisconsin, the photographs do not represent a single locale. Instead, they subtly suggest the universal qualities that comprise this modern existence: irony, humor, beauty, heartbreak, excess and destruction. On Wisconsin is a personal journey that captures the unconventional side of a place and its people by seeking out the intrigue in otherwise overlooked settings. The result is a body of work that comments on the nature of man's interaction with the landscape to reveal a sense of wonder in the ordinary."

While that is quite an eloquent description of the series, only so much can be said and the rest must be seen. Please visit On Wisconsin to dig deep into your strongest memories of Wisconsin or, if you have never ventured to such an obscure land, take a trip via these photos and begin to understand.

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