Monday, June 25, 2007

Kingdom of Animals and 4x5

Its about time I stopped hyping every elses photos and actually put a couple of mine up here. Back in Madison for the summer, I've been awaiting the opening of a photo show in Madison's Overture Center that will include one of my photos. The exibit, put on by a local photographic organization called the Center for Photography at Madison (CPM) that I am a member of, opens in late June with an official reception on the 14th of July (with snacks!). Themed, the Kingdom of Animals, the collection of photographs contains a decent variety of color and black and white images.

As I've found with CPM photo shows, the jurying of all of the submissions is often a contraversial process. And when I say that, I means I don't always agree with their selections. Now difference of opinion is a fine thing, but all too often these shows have but a single juror and so the diversification of taste has a tendency to be limited. Regardless, the Kingdom of Animals, as I said, will feature one of my own images, matted and framed for your viewing playsure [sic]. But personally, I feel like the photo that was chosen was not my best and other diserved the chance of downtown-display even moreso. You judge from the following three images (one of which was the CPM choice), which if any, should have been the Kingdom of Animals selection.

I do wish the exibit well however, as CPM usually does a good job securing fine opportunities of this nature and I hope they cotinue to do so in the future. I have a couple more images I would like to share and these are the results of my photo adjunct class during my last semester at Colorado College. I was using a 4x5 large format camera, and so the images are impressively sharp. It was fun learning to use such a bulky antique camera and it made me want to seek out a camera like that in the future. The scans I have here of some of my prints may noy be the best representation of the clarity of the images, but let me assure you, because the negatives are so large, the detail is pretty incredible to see firsthand, especially compared to current conumer digital cameras. Here are the shots:

Thank you Maija for proving to be superb subject matter.

For more photos of mine go to my gallery on Flickr.
And if you would like to browse some additional photos by and of me, please visit my friend David's online journal called unLESHed over at the skiing website Newschoolers (I think I'm featured in entry #2).

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