Friday, June 1, 2007

His Name is Bill

There is a new kind of journalism in town. This new style is creative and open ended. What you do is get a video camera and you travel to another place and you start to videotape things. You film whatever you want and then you upload it to the internet. Though he would only call himself a simple traveler, Bill, of, practices this form of new journalism. Armed with portable solar panels and a satellite internet connection, Bill can access the web from anywhere in the world. Bill takes travel advise from viewers who have been to or lived in the areas he has visiting and thus Bill has become interactive. Of course I emailed him about tips for traveling in Tanzania but it doesn't sund like he's going to be headed that way, at least not yet. So far, his journey has brought him from New York to the United Kingdom to Madagascar, South Africa and Namibia. Along the way Bill films the people he meets often talking about local issues or causes, both humorous and serious in nature. He uploads 5 video per week onto his website that range from 1 minute to just over 3 minutes in length. An interesting aspect of his videos is that he doesn't use youtube. Instead he shares his videos with a cometing site As a result he has become one of the top posters on the site. Content-wise my favorite video of course are the ones that take place in Africa. Here are some that I like. First the Promo and then some others.

Be sure to check out the website a few times a week for some interesting videos and if Africa is not your thing, I believe he will be leaving Namibia soon for China so get ready.

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