Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ill Mags

So with a little bit of time on my hands these days being a grad and all, I've been able to find some nice solid photo magazines to share.

On my way home from Colorado I was able to browse the legendary Tattered Cover bookstore and came across a publication called Daylight that claims to be a documentary photography magazine. It displays a few portfolios based on the theme and each portfolio has an introduction. The issue I was able to see was "Global Commodities" and so there was photos on gold mines in Mongolia, guns in Latin America and fake paintings in China. The photos and concepts are interesting, but there could have been more literature.

The next magazine is actually an online publication called "Almanac." It is relatively new and is currently on its second issue. The website, which is updated monthly, is extremely well designed with various essays and even an audio recording of photographer Leonard Freed. I'm excited to see where this magazine goes in the future and maybe I'll even end up submitting to it.

The last magazine isn't new to me but it does have a new issue. I thought I would give the link for JPG magazines new issue. They like making PDF files of their entire magazine even though they also sell it in print. If you are published in the magazine then you get $100 and a free subscription. I think I will try to win a free one rather than paying. Here is the new issue, enjoy its two covers and themes beauty redefined, breakthrough and entropy.

JPG Issue 10

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