Thursday, April 5, 2007

Visual Media in Action

Here are a couple of really interesting and informative videos that can help educate people on parts issues in Africa and other issues surrounding other indigenous peoples.

The first video is a discussion and reading done by Ishmael Beah, a 26 year old former child soldier from Sierra Leone, whose book A LONG WAY GONE has been quite successful. I have had the chance to read it and it truly is unique persprective in a conflict far from many of our homes that we wouldn't otherwise pay attention to. So I do recommend the book for people to learn about issues in Africa and so that everyone can pick up on the humanity of the people involved. This particular video was made by BORDERS BOOKSTORE and it actually has quite a significant amount of footage of Mr. Beah giving background information, reading from the book and taking questions. Definately watch and learn.

Ishmael Beah Presented by Borders

The second two videos are produced by or featuring Phil Borges, the photographer whose images I discussed below. The first is a speech by Phil for TED (Technology Entertainment Design) about cultures that are disappearing or oppressed. It includes some of his intense portraits and some storytelling about the importance of preserving culture worldwide. See for yourself.

Phil Borges giveing a TEDtalk

The last of the powerful videos is from one of Phil's books called WOMEN EMPOWERED. The video is an inspiring documentary of a little girl in Ethiopia who didn't want to receieve femaile genital cutting, which much of her Afar tribe practice. She returned years later to help her village abolish the traditional practice associated with many female health problems and was ultimately successful. This is her stroy.

Abay's Fight to Empower Women

In the media lately there has been some news on the same subject that Abay, the girl from the video above, is dealing with. Please read this BBC article about how Eritrea, a country bordering Ethiopia has banned female geniatl cutting.

Eritrea Bans Female Circumcision

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