Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zimbabwe Continues to Spiral Downwards

The political situation in Zimbabwe has been pretty messy as well lately. Heres a recap: Police arrested and subsequently beat the opposition leader in Zimbabwe this weekend when he tried to hold a gathing of people under the name Save Zimbabwe. It is illegal to hold political rallies in Zimbabwe which tells how free the society is. Zimbabwe has been ruled for the last 27 years by an 83 year old corrupt man named Robert Mugabe. Mugabe plans to run for an additional presidential term next year despite his best efforts to ruin the county already, and he may succeed in moving the election back to 2010. Zimbabewe has one of the highest adult AIDS rates in the world (24%+ according to CIA as of 2001, but certainly higher) and they are number 1 for annual inflation, with an impressive 1700%. He recently held his 83 birthday party which cost thousands of dollars, even though the value of the Zimbabwe dollar is worth practically nothing. They even had to drop three zeros off the end of it last year to make it managable.

There are a lot of articles on this, here are a few:
Mugabe's 83rd Birthday
Losing the Zeros

Back to the story of the beating. Events like this have been happening so much that the New York Times put the story as the top story on their website today. Mugabe has completely destroyed his country. Zimbabwe needs a new leader very badly, just ask Morgan Tsvangirai.

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