Saturday, March 10, 2007

Win a Trip

Nick Kristof is at it again. He is holding his second annual "Win a Trip" contest in which the winner(s) travel to remote parts of Africa. The idea is to bring "fresh eyes" to Nick's journeys. Eyes that see what he is now unable to see. Last time, Nick brought a Grad student Casey, who had grow up poor and had travelled little in her life. She made a perfect candidate for Nick because everything was new to her, which is good in some ways, but limiting in others. By specifically seeking individuals with little or no travel experience, Nick will be picking the exact same person this time. All they will be able to say is "Wow, Africans are poor." That attitude, though it is not the fault of anyone, does not appear to be significantly helpful.

What Nick needs is a student or a travelling companion of any kind that is knowledgable about development. Someone that has ideas on how to make progress. Only then will people know how to help they can make a positive difference. Nick, we dont need to know that conditions are bad, we already know that. Show people how to make changes for the better, by bringing along an experienced and knowledgable guest, but one with a different perspective from your own. I fear that the "Win a trip" contest number two is destined to duplicate the first contest. Lets hope the third annual trip, if there is one, makes some progress.

If you do fit Nick's discription ( the opposite of a jet-setter and someone who knows nothing about Africa) please visit these links, the trip will be an amazing opportunity for you. Hurry, Nick wants a 700 or less word essay by April 6th. Enjoys Nick's myspace page as well.
Win a Trip
Nick's on the Ground Myspace

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