Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vince of Spaceboots

The article I wrote for Journalism Class is now online. I'll tease you with the lead but it's your job to read the rest

"Every day around noon, outside of the Boulder Street Cafe on the corner of Boulder and Tejon Street, a man dressed all in black plays guitar and sings his heart out. From his black leather pants and black leather vest, to his black overcoat and black confederate hat emblazoned with two shiny, silver rifles that cross in the shape of an X, the man looks the part of a rebellious musician. With greasy weathered hands he holds his guitar, plucking the strings rhythmically and belting out love ballads through his long gray beard for the listening pleasure of anyone who happens to pass by.
For years he has sat on the corner, serenading the public with covers, originals and hybrids of the two as he taps his feet, accepting donations on his guitar case below. His laid back persona is the perfect complement to the young hipster crowd that hangs out in and around the coffee shop. One could surmise, by staring into his tired eyes through the pink lenses of his turtle shell-framed glasses, or hearing his raspy voice while he plays for just a few minutes, that he’s been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale."

Just click on the link and scroll to the bottom.
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Vince was also profiled in a local monthly newspaper called Newspeak. He was quoted as saying, "I haven't missed masterbating any day of my life since I was two, and with over 580,000 masterbations, its only been anti-climactic twice. That makes me the Master of Bater." I cannot believe I didn't get that quote for my article. Anyway, I hear the Newspeak blog is pretty good. Check it out here, Newspeak Blog.

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Cyrus said...

That quote is hilarious. Damn what a virile beast.
I just posted something somewhat interesting on my "BLOG" check it out.