Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sudan Gets Slammed

Its been an interesting couple of days in African news since the weekend. I'll start with Darfur since I turned in an article about it for my journalism class today. Yesterday the United Nations Human Rights Council released a report written in part by Jody Miller, a woman best know as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate for her work against landmine usage. The report accuses Sudan's government of "orchestrating and participating" in crimes against humanity in the Darfur region in western Sudan.

It also mentions that Sudan agreed as part of the World Summit in 2005, that it is the resposibility of governments to protect their people from genocide or crimes against humanity. If the governments are unwilling or unable to protect their people, than the international community becomes obligated. If people are looking for an opportunity for intervention, doesn't this justify it. Doesn't this at the very least justify peacekeeping troops? There has to be a couple countries out there willing to provide troops this worthy cause. To hear about the report visit this BBC link and you can actually download the full 35 page text if you are so inclined. I know I did. BBC Story on UNHRC Report

In addition to that, the International Criminal Court announced that it had cases against a few prominant Sudanese officials in Sudan. The government in Khartoum got mad and said it would try its own people. What are the odds that it will be a fair and speedy trial? Probably less than slim to none. Sudan Trials

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