Saturday, March 10, 2007

Noah K Yesterday?

Oh the wonders of photography on the internet. A favorite site of mine that I recently discovered is called Noah K Everyday. Noah Kalina has been taking a photo of himself with the same expression on his face everyday for 7 years. I think he's missed about 22 days in the whole 7 years, but hey, that aint bad. Anyway, I swear I saw a photo of him in the New York Times Arts page for something completely unrelated, an article about Calvin Klein. I think he's in the upper left of the photo, but decide for yourself. Some say the real Noah K is a bit older than the person from the NY Times, but I've seen one of his daily shots where he's wearing the exact same outfit (above).

While we're making friends with Noah K, lets witness his photographic progression set to relaxing piano music.

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