Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet Ekua Awortwe

This is Ekua Awortwe, she is from Ghana and I loaned her $25 today to help her with her food sales business. How do I know Ms. Awotwe? I found her using a website called Kiva.org that allows people to make microfinance loans to individuals in developing countries. I have been becoming increasingly interested in microfinance lately and so I was excited when I heard of the website. Microfinance is an excellent way for entreprenuers to receive low interest loans that many large multinational banks are unwilling to give. The Kiva.org website is a great way for people to contribute to development efforts that seem far away or removed from life in the United States. It shows that there are effective ways to be involved in the raising of global standards of living. Kiva.org is a positive force idea has resulted from globalization. Not all of the consequences of globalization have been beneficial to everyone, but Kiva.org seems to have utilized this powerful force for the better. A great aspect of microfinance is that the loans are typically returned 97% or more. In Kiva.org's case the return has been 100% so far, though it usually takes about 10-16 months. Please visit the website and make a loan today so you can help build a world with better standards and less poverty, you may not lose anything at all, except of course die to inflation in the time it takes to be repaid, but that's almost nothing You can loan to people all over the world in developing counties and new projects are added everyday. Do it, you'll feel better for making a difference.
Kiva Microfinance Loans
Ekua Awortwe's Business

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