Saturday, March 31, 2007

Free Knowledge

For everyone who doesn't know, podcasts are a great way to get brief, yet informational clips of music or news- all for free. Get itunes if you dont already have it from the apple website and then click on the iTunes Store. Find the podcasts link on the left and click on that and then you can see all of the different kinds of podcasts there are to choose from. My favorites deal with photography and world/african music of course, but there are podcasts for pretty much anything. Here are a list of some podcasts that I really like:

Afropop Worldwide (Made by National Geographic and
World Music Profiles (Another National Geographic)
Songlines Magazine (
Lenswork (By Brooks Jensen, editor or Lenswork Magazine,

Check those out if you're interested, and browe the categories for anything else you may want to know about. There are plenty of podcasts on music and news and even ones that teach you spanish. Podcasts are just another way that the internet seeks to provide free information to all those that have access, the problem is ensuring that access for all.

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