Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Cyanotype

I haven't written about photography lately so I better balence it out by showing off my first cyanotype print. The cyanotype is a "non-silver" photographic process that is different from the traditional darkroom scheme. Instead of creating the prints with chemical baths you shine UV light through negative onto a piece of coated paper. Then just run the paper under some water and add just a smidgen of hydrogen peroxide and there you have it, a distinctly blue print the resembles the original negative. I dont expect anyone to be able to visualize that based on my discrition. Anyways, in my case, the negative was 4"x5, that's big compared to regular 35mm and far more detailed. It was one of the first large format photographs that I have successfully taken. I hope to upload some more in the future. In the meantime, enjoy my first cyanotype, I hope you can tell that it is a girl (Maija) drawing. Please let me know what you think by clicking on the word "comments" below. Thanks.

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